Can you clap with one hand ?

In Hindi, they metaphorically say you can’t clap with one hand.

Essentially what they mean is that when there’s a fiasco involving two parties, both are at fault – in one way or another.

I’ve been thinking about this lately and I feel that sometimes the loudest claps can really be one-sided.

A mother of two who loves one of her two children more, rings quite a flutter in the mind of the lesser loved.

Best friends get distanced due to the arrival of a third relation and what results is a slow, sarcastic applause.

Life goes on and in a split second you hit a car when trying to avoid a helpless pup. For no fault of his own, the traffic obedient driver takes the hit and suffers the shy end of a loud clap.

Whatever happens; if you were to find yourself in dismay : be fair to your soul and question if the jolt you suffered was a coordinated clap or just the single handed pat which somehow turned into a slap.


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