Use cases of a mixed crowd at work

Every work place comes with its mixed bag of people and personalities. I’ve been on one of those people watching adventures lately, so here goes :

Chatter Chap : The one who talks to everyone around. A careful picker of gossip and information, this person eventually becomes the go-to face for query resolutions. If you want to initiate a new plan, project or phase; run it by him to gauge his insight. Nothing is not his business.

No Nonsense Nerd : The one who will clock the right hours, stay put on the desk and work till the list is ticked off. This one’s holding the fort together, obsessing over intricacies. Watch it, because this one will hold you to your word. But the nerd will also be there when you need more hands on your deck.

Absolutely Obtuse : No clue of what’s happening at any given hour and yet far from the dismal performer, this one will pose 50 questions on a 5 page document and the if-then-else capability of this fellow can knock your brain out.

Timid by Time : Acts a little like a magician bringing the rabbit out of his hat, this one times his naivety right. An innocent question can buy you time if your manager thinks you’ve got the concept wrong and need more research. A white lie can go a long way. This Timid Jack knows these tricks.

Silent Spectator : The one who sits in a little corner, watching the world pass by. Clocking his hours, doing his bit, watching the others crib, complain and squirm, he picks up his life and heads straight home. You’ll only notice his presence when you need him and then, you’ll see the intelligence hidden behind his muteness.

What kind of people make your workplace fun ?


3 thoughts on “Use cases of a mixed crowd at work

  1. Looks like whatever the kind of people you see, they’re all intelligent some way or the other! Come to my office some day 😉
    I’ll give you more interesting specimen to observe! 😀

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