Live in the moment

After long, I had a long weekend off from work. I’d checked this on the office calendar at the start of the year, so practically for four months I was counting days to this three day break from monotony.

I’d drawn up a mental list – long, detailed and strong – of things I’d want to do. From a visit to the salon, reading two books back to back and even TV show marathons, I thought I had it all sorted. Oh, I wanted to cook, colour and catch a nap or two as well !

Cut to today – the last day of the long weekend, 10 PM at night – I’m sitting here with nothing ticked off the list at all. Work kept me enthralled because thanks to technology you never really turn off. I overslept in the mornings, therefore missing the promise to head out for the sunshine run.

The ingredients I got to cook up a storm are decaying somewhere in the bottom of the fridge and my Kindle sits in the corner of my shelf, untouched, uncharged. I gave my phone a tough time toggling between emails, Google chat, Pinterest and Whatsapp (not to forget the calls that interspersed) and now, as I prepare myself for the Monday tomorrow, I’m running a fine eraser across my dream.

Lesson learnt : live in the moment. If you want to cook today, do it. If you want to read today, pick up the damn thing and begin. Postponing it to a certain tomorrow will never change the sentence structure to present tense much less the happy past tense where you say “Oh I really enjoyed the book I finished last night!”

Meet your friends, head out and if you’ve got a sick worm in your brain, like me, where everything’s got to be carefully charted out – pause for a moment, and convince yourself to do it now for who knows what your musings will be when the sun shines again.


The waves will lash when they must,

even retreat back to the horizon a little

And time will come and time shall pass

But what you would’ve liked to do

Will forever remain in the past. 


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