People Watching : Airport Series

I recently travelled a couple of days for work. On my forward journey, I paused at the Priority Pass lounge and while munching on the South Indian fare, I noticed a middle aged woman make her way through. I looked at her fondly, perceiving her to be in the senior managerial part of her career, in line with her age.

She looked confident, poised and sure about herself as she walked to the counter and presented her credit card. Clad in a casual but pretty saree, she appeared how I wanted my future self to look.

She seemed like a particular-to-point manager

Possibly a mother of two teenagers

A book lover, movie buff

And maybe she was even inclined to foodie tastebuds

While I was lost in thought about how I would be by the time I reached her age, her husband and an old couple followed behind, joining her at the table she already occupied.

I wouldn’t specifically say that the new additions broke my heart or my spell of time travel. However, I wasn’t sure if she was the manager I hoped she was.

Perception, after all, can change (not necessarily spoil) even your prettiest dreams.



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