School : Sacred memories from the past

I recently made my way back to the address where my school stands tall. My school, the place that harboured my very innocent dreams, my fears and my overall naive self.

I was part of the student council in the good ol’ days and last week I went back there for this year’s investiture. It was like watching a movie in different phases of your life. When I was on the other side of the stage, I had victorious, sometimes nervous, feelings on such occasions. Now, looking at it a decade later, I realise how these accolades are just stepping stones to life.

Back in school, I met quite a few teachers who had taught me life lessons and various subjects back then. Some of them looked at my spectacled face and politely said “You look different” and there were some who remembered me so well that they courteously remarked “You’ve become slightly plump!” 

In school I used to be a lanky kid, running up and down the stairs and around the field. I hated the concept of ‘march past’ for auspicious ceremonies and yet, sitting in the audience,  I was tapping my feet to the rhythm of the drum roll.

When I was 17 years old, I wanted to start my own magazine and I’d even come together with some friends at the time for this. (Together, we’d found our own printer, designed our own graphics and written out the articles for this collective dream to come true!) So when my teachers saw their old budding editor as an employee in the logistics industry, they were slightly (but surely) perplexed. For their respite, I told them about my blog – but I doubt if it even classified as a consolation prize !

Visit your school when you get a chance. Its the place that knows you the most – its seen your bruised knee, your broken heart, your carefree face and your most friendly side.

Go back there, because its like connecting with your roots and remembering dreams that you may have forgotten and reliving moments which once-upon-a-time made an impact on your conscience.


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