You could be dinner table conversation

I recently attended a colleague’s wedding and by virtue of being close colleagues we also showed face to the parents of some of our co-workers. It was nice to meet the ‘other’ dear ones of those people who spend more than half their waking hours with us.

I lead a small team where I work and when I met the families of my team mates I realised that I manage to make my way into their dinner table conversations at home. They knew about me and the curve at the end of their smile was dunked in familiarity. Most of them politely said, “Oh <insert name> talks about you” and I wondered if they knew the better things about me or the worst end of the scale. I wondered if they judged me for who I am, if they sympathised with me for the impending targets that make me rude. The thought lurked on for a few days and I was procrastinating my every action thereof.

Did they think, I was this monstrous figure who was ruining the life of their beloved, so-far-well-protected son ? Did they form an opinion for every decision I made which later turned wrong ? Did the retired set of adults think back on their times from their service years and draw parallels ?

I’m not sure where this goes and how far its true, but its good food for thought and fodder for the brain. It even manages to regulate your actions in some cases (mostly those, where you’re bordering on an overreaction) and puts the spotlight on some decisions you make and feelings thereof !

Do you discuss your manager on the dinner table ?



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