You weren’t part of my fairytale

You weren’t there when I needed a partner in my crime

When I was stressing, you weren’t there to troll me just so it made me feel better

When I burned with fever, you weren’t there to sit by my side and tell me I was missing our favourite TV show

You missed my first tears of joy and you didn’t blink an eye

You’re the reason I have trust issues today, the reason I gave up hope

You’re the one who left me alone and now they say I’ll miss you in years to come

Do I miss you now, I often ask myself and the impulsive note to self is NO!

I convince myself to it because even though you didn’t hold my hand, I knew where to go

I found my way and here we are, leading lives that parted ways from a fork in the road

Will our paths cross again ?

Will it be a cross-road ? An intersection or a one-way street ?

Nah, I guess I’ll just ‘fly-over’


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