She was snoozing for the fifth time. Snoozing : not the alarm clock or the phone, just her own body clock. The clock that was enacting the adage “Early to bed, early to rise…” deftly, off late.

It was a bright windy morning. The breeze blew in from the open windows, the sheers flowing softly, the sky playing peek-a-boo. A few birds flocked together across the patch of the sky that she could see. She was sure they were staring at her. Were they smiling as they saw her half asleep, or were they rather sighing in dismay because she was still in bed ?

Her feet were cold. She’d probably tugged at her blanket too much to cover her shoulder and left the feet like a less loved child. She now tried to tuck the blanket under her toes to keep them warm.  The warmth, though, would only last a little longer. Such was the story of the less loved : always scrambling around to hold up folklore. Folklore that was sometimes as simple as a morning routine.

The dog from the apartment in an adjacent building served her sixth alarm. His barks broke her reverie. This was it. She’d have to wake up and get going now. She rubbed the palm of her hands softly against her eyes. Stars twinkling against a black screen, subtly forecasting her day ahead. Calls to make, emails to send, errands to run and smiles to spread. If you think about it, you actually run around everyday to either smile yourself or spread smiles around. Even if you do something that is against the greater good, you smile your wickedest smile. Success earned brings a genuine smile. Lies told cast  sarcasm in your smile.

It’s all smiles, in the end.

She played the day’s reel in her head, ahead of its occurrence. It was fun doing this, tutoring her brain what to expect. Her feet touched the ground and the cold stone floor numbed her lesser loved child even more. She reached for those slippers. They used to be prettier but she’d now lost its charm. They were slippers and they did their bit.

She’d now have to get up and play her part. Whether less loved or not loved at all, the day beckoned and this was her final call.

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