Archives at Work

Thankfully, I’ve been involved in multiple projects at work – some running at the same time, some tumbling over the other and yet some others that spring up to brighten up a dull day every now and then.

Shuffling between various projects, I’ve learnt that collaboration comes had in hand with responsibility and hand-over becomes a pet phrase pretty fast. You finish a task and pass it on to someone else for them to carry it out as a daily humdrum, or you identify a pattern and define the activity for your team to repeat.

All of this and more. Over a period of time I’ve managed to keep my projects, reports, updates and summaries updated. The aim is to have everyone on the same page and the trick is to work on each project like its your last day working on it.

Train yourself to never skip the details. Part of the details lie in the discipline to tirelessly make note of every minute of every meeting in a segregated list / card / note.

Use the tools that suit you best. A mixed use of Google Keep, Apple Notes, Trello and Evernote does it for me. Not to forget, the Inbox by Gmail and Calendar by Gmail that play their individual roles too. For you, it could be a similar amalgamation or a single application that helps you keep track while staying on track.

Besides the tools and techniques that can be applied, a lot has been said about the discipline that is imperative for one to run this show between reminders and notes, such that maintaining the same doesn’t become a mammoth task by itself!

I’ve always come around it thinking this could be my last day on this project and hence my successor could pick up from where I left off if I can share access to these same details on these platforms and tools.

What’s your best trick to hand over your intelligence before the curtains go down ?

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