Jakarta Joys – again!

If the heart rate measured joy, mine would pulsate in J-town. For the first time in my life I decided tp spend my hard earned money on nostalgia for the first time. I was skeptical and it wasn’t easy but in the end, it did me well.

It took me 19 hours of travel of which only 7 hours were spent in mid-air. The rest whiled in vain either to and from airports or in the layover at Bangkok.

I wondered what I came here for. The joy of being familiar, the peaceful feeling that not much had changed, the balmy sensation of belongingness. Not sure what I love about the city – the only have malls to line their roads and cars to line upon. I only stayed on one end of the city, never venturing into the far and beyond. Drove past my old apartment building, strolled past the tower that housed my old office. It was fun and heart warming at the same time.

It is my city of first’s in a lot of ways. A lot many ways in my list of firsts.

Lived here by myself for the first time.

Understood my own identity, my choices, preferences, life’s calling when I came here first.

Decided my path from a fork in the road when I first stayed here.

Loved it at once when I first stumbled upon this city of my joy.

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