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Back in college, I was a student of Journalism. I remember reading somewhere that when John F Kennedy passed away, most reporters were interviewing the family, fellow politicians, so on and so forth. There was one reporter who decided to chat up with the gravedigger. That conversation surfaced insights as well as emotions from a common man’s perspective, much to the effect of the feelings resonated by many others.

I don’t remember the title of the book, nor the reporter’s name and hence, can’t offer due credits. But this thought left a mark on my mind and off late, with so much happening in and around our own country, I’m wondering if I were a reporter how I’d take up separate stories with a similar twist.

The Hungry Zomato Partner 

This story needs no introduction. A Zomato delivery boy was hungry while delivering mountains of food, running between myriad doorsteps; and like an innocent child he decided to help himself while running errands for some lazy bums (count me in, too!)

I’d do a story on the emotions of such delivery partners across different companies. I’d interview this specific man from the viral video but I’d be sure to skip the typical, “Ap kaisa mehsus kar rahe hai ?” adage. I’d also probably make some effort to find the man who videotaped this incident and send him a polite note of gratitude for not very starkly featuring the face of this man in the clip that triggered this off.

Rahul Gandhi 

Switch to the political pages, and I’d want to ask this man of the hour, what led to their victory in the select states where they recently came out with flying colours. I’d then feed  his answers into the teams that make sales plans and strategies across various companies. Voila! I’d twist this around into a feature story for business skills! Whatever be your product, if you can adopt his techniques that don’t include paying your user to use your product; you’re sure to be able to cover a lot of ground!

For this, though, I’d request Arnab Goswami to take centre stage as the interviewer. I don’t think my limited political knowledge would offer the competency to even get an interview slot at this time.

Vir Das’ Losing It 

My search history is more about Prime, but I did wait for Vir Das’ latest piece on Netflix and was streaming it the very same night when it was available online! A little over an hour, his performance was surely splendid. I’d love to trace down a member of the audience from that stage setting to satisfy my curiosity of how this was put together. Did he need frequent retakes ? Did he need to pause to revise his lines ? Did much of the crowd laugh naturally for all those jokes, or was there a screen in the background somewhere that announced instructions ?

Also, not that it matters but because we’re talking about curiosity, what was he sipping from that white cup, carefully perched upon that high stool ?

P-Chops’ manager 

This one’s a little obvious and I won’t feel offended if somewhere, somehow a reporter is already trying this trick. I’m curious (yet again!) to know how Priyanka Chopra managed to be there for Isha Ambani’s wedding celebrations (as a star performer, not just a guest) in the tight schedule between her own wedding and honeymoon ? Now, because the lady is on her love tour and will tweet beautiful pictures of her getaway but not respond to random questions from the likes of yours truly, I’d have to trace her manager to satisfy my curious nerves.

If we’re doing the rounds with the Ambanis’ big fat Indian wedding; I’d be happy to find out if these stars arrived on time for their performances or did they disrupt the timelines, like they do when we await their arrival at live shows and popular concerts ?

More questions and some brain fodder 

Did the security personnel in Rajasthan face more trouble manning the voting booths, or were the security forces in Udaipur airport more dismayed manning the terminals with multiple charter flights coming in ? 

Did Hillary Clinton enjoy the wedding circus or did she rather retire to her room early on account of jet lag ?

Would Swiggy hire the specific Zomato delivery partner from Madurai as a trainer for their own fleet ? 

What was Sabyasachi’s company turnover during this financial year ? Have the payments come in, or arrears looming ? 

Hope you enjoy reading the news and always ponder upon the possibilities of such twists between one story and another!

Image courtesy : The featured image is an exhibit on display at IconSiam in Bangkok. It features a face (front view, not featured here) and if you walk around it, you’ll notice a subtle depiction of what figuratively what goes on in the mind.

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