Netflix presents Nostalgia

Sony Entertainment Television had a special place in my childhood in the 90s. The Disney morning show, CID and Mowgli stand out clearly in memory – the shows, the opening songs, the characters and our eyes staring at the then Idiot Box in awe. My cousins and I would watch most of these shows together and while Mowgli wasn’t specifically our all time favourite, it sure made a comeback in our lives this past week when the latest version aired on Netflix.

The bunch of us that previously met every Saturday, almost like a custom every week, have not been in the same city for the last 5 years and 8 months. Its not that our busy schedules don’t allow, or that none of us have missed home to head back and make the effort together. But sometimes, the forces in play are further than our reach.

Nonetheless, we attempted to bridge the geographical gap as the four of us decided to watch the movie on Netflix at the same time, across our multiple time zones. Though, the newer version, this movie brought back memories from yesteryears and had us chatting on for about an hour after!

We all waited for the title song but when the modern version didn’t comply, YouTube came to rescue and our quest was satisfied nevertheless.

Bagheera’s fierce eyes, Shere Khan’s selfish prance, Baloo’s mentorship over Mowgli and Mowgli’s own naked demeanour had us in awe then and in united curiosity now.

Taking a break from our daily lives, our Whatsapp texts and Instagram feeds, we were all streaming in on our own devices, at a mutually decided time. We were tuned in to an old memory, a nostalgic charm Rudyard Kipling’s imagination had put out on offer for us that many years ago.

The weekend after the movie featured on Netflix, we bought our ticket to reminisce a bond we all cherished and soon had ourselves adapting to the culture and charm of our long distance relationship.

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