Dear Friend

Its been a while since we last met

We were good friends until life took over.

We were so thick, oh how I miss those times!

A passing incident, a heartbreak or a mere insect bite would make me pour my heart out.


My confidante, my therapist, in many ways my shadow.

I miss you but now, I almost never pause to notice a cast behind me

Caught up in life, and counting hours between sunrise and sunset,

I miss how I could spend hours at length, trying my creativity with you incessantly.

Alas, responsibilities behold, the various roles I play in this one life are now centre stage

And you dear friend, have gathered dust.


Dear writing pleasures, know that you are still my passion.

I promise to rekindle our love, bring back those days.

After all – the chores of daily life, the deadlines by the desk, the preparation to perfection,

They’re all here to stay now.

I promise to put pen to paper more often.

I promise I’ll be a better friend.

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